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18' x 5' 6" Long Pasture Drag Chain Harrow

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Pasture harrow is a single action harrow and gives best results for harrowing pastures.
You can have one action at a time such as: aggressive; less aggressive; or drag matt.

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    Will this clean limbs, sticks and dead grass from pasture?

    • This device will collect those materials and you can drag the mess to a corner where you need to clean the tines. It is a big rake !

      By seller on 2019-Jun-03

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    What tools do I need to assemble the chain harrow to get ready to use ?

    • There are multiple wire ties to keep chain harrow section intact while shipping. You need only Wire Cutter to unwrap the chain harrow section and then engage big hooks to the  drawbar  and it is ready to go. For Chain Harrows having multiple sections width wise you need a 5 Lbs hammer to lock together S-Hooks on side of each harrow section.

      By seller on 2018-Jul-19

  • Description:

    Pasture Rigid Tine Flex Drag Chain Harrow 18' Wide x 5'-6" Long Single Depth Professional Harrow Complete With Heavy Duty Universal Draw Bar, Chain &  RingIt is easy to use and handle Perfect Results No Lubrication or Adjustments required Use Behind ATV, Lawn Tractor, Pickup, Tractor or Behind farm implements for one pass coverage.
    APPLICATION The Chain harrow is ideal for the horse and cattle farmers that are spreading manure to help control parasites, for preparing seed beds, covering seed beds to enhance germination, harrowing in fertilizer on hay fields to assure a faster, more vigorous re-growth, incorporating herbicides, root raking, pasture renovation, land leveling and landscaping.


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