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Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow Add on Section - 4' wide x 4' Long - 3/8"

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Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow Add on Section - 4' wide x 4' Long - 3/8"

Item No : 510004
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To Make One Pass Multi Mode Chain Harrow.
Add On This Harrow Section To Your Existing Variable Action Chain Harrow Set.
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Add on 4' Wide x 4' Long Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow Section Only. Without of Drawbar and Pull Chains.

  • This item is harrow section only without pull drawbar and pull chains ( Drawbar sold separately Item # 10251 ) ||
  • To make one pass multi mode chain harrow add on this harrow section to your existing multi action chain harrow set ||
  • Compatiable with our item # 10305, 10401 and 10402 ||
  • 3/8" Thick x 4" long tines - 60 Tines || Overall 48" Wide x 50" Long || 5 hooks in a row || Distance between hooks 9-1/2" ||
  • The Chain harrow is ideal for the horse and cattle farmers that are spreading manure to help control parasites, for preparing seed beds, covering seed beds to enhance germination, harrowing in fertilizer on hay fields to assure a faster, more vigorous re-growth, incorporating herbicides, root raking, pasture renovation, land leveling and landscaping ||


Brand Name Neat Attachments
Item Weight 48 LBS
UPC 610446714692

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Drag Harrow Exceeds Expectation

A bit reluctant to purchase. Thought it could not be rugged, I was very wrong. Extremely rugged! Very high quality. Will do the job, no doubt,

Good product

This will outlast me by a long time...very substantial and was delivered ahead of the scheduled time. Absolutely satisfactory!

Well worth the money.

This 4' x 4' x 3/8" bar drag harrow is well worth the money. I have a little over an acre that isn't landscaped and keeping it clear of weeds will never be a problem again. Only gripe I have is it was supposed to be free shipping, but I was charged $15. The system stated some bs about a remote location. I happen to live in one of the 50 contiguous states; definitely not remote and receive packages from, FedEx, UPS, USPS, & DHL all the time without issue.

chain harrow

Very good for arena or pasture.