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8' Chain Harrow Drawbar Wth Pull Chains & Tow Ring

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8' Chain Harrow Drawbar Wth Pull Chains & Tow Ring

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Brand Name MX
Item Weight 35 2
UPC 609224829932

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Service first and the best price on a harrow pull

Everything Neatfarms promised was delivered, and today’s environment that a bargain in of itself.

Chain Harrow Drawbar Wth Pull Chains & Tow Ring

The bar is light weight and the chain is definitely too short, but it has held up so far through my initial use of it. Chain needs about 2 more feet to allow better turning.

Product Review

I had two 4' x 4' chain drag sections and this is the perfect solution to create a 8' x 4' drag. I purchased (2) drawbars with the lift kit and use one in the front and the rear. Works very well. Keeps the harrow in good position to pick up, turn and back into corners. Well built and well priced.

Draw bar

I like it. Easy to lock on the tractor and built well.